Organization of Baby Shower

Right after the fashion trends or sayings, we took over various rituals from the west such as Halloween. The baby shower has also become more and more popular for the past few years. It’s a party for a pregnant Mom and her close ones (usually women) to celebrate the upcoming big event – the birth of the baby. Even more recent trend is the so-called gender reveal party which is an party during which Parents finds out what’s going to be the gender of their baby. Baby planner can help you in organizing each of these events.

The price is set on individual basis, because everything depends on the expectations of Parents – some of them want gluten-free food to be served during the event, others expect only small starters (such as salted sticks and chocolates). Some parents want to invite a few closest friends, others invite a dozen or so. Sometimes the party takes place at the Parents’ home and sometimes at the restaurant. Some other wishes are, for example, an interesting cake with a selected theme, decorations with a selected theme, some workshop with a midwife, an interesting gift for the future mother and specific games.