Individual Antenatal Classes

Individual antenatal classes take place at your home and they are run by an experienced midwife. You don’t have to hurry anywhere to make it for the group classes. You don’t have to commute anywhere. You can ask questions that Parents are often too embarrassed to ask on the group forum. You can focus on the matter that is most bothering for you. One meeting takes 2 hours, and the program which is tailored to your needs by the midwife usually is divided into 3 meetings covering topics such as: stages of delivery, pain management, postpartum period, breastfeeding, delivery in Polish hospitals, birth plan. Reach out to me if you want to see the full agenda! The program can be also fully adjusted if you are preparing for a scheduled cesarean section from medical reasons.

Price: PLN 300/ 2h (one meeting)

* price is applicable for Warsaw area (if you live outside of Warsaw, please get in touch with me – the price may increase to cover the costs of the transport)