Bebissimo Baby Planning is the first brand in Poland offering services related to baby planning: individual antenatal classes at your own home, support in choosing a hospital, choosing and arranging a midwife or other specialists, support in completing the layette, organization of a baby shower or a photo shoot. Sounds… diverse? Baby planner shall be your “personal assistant” around the topics of pregnancy, delivery and the postpartum period, so such help has to be extensive 🙂 Baby planning has already developed in many countries. In Poland, there’s only “wedding planning” which is recognizable – and yet expecting and fresh Parents should also be able to get organizational, logistical or substantive support in preparation for as much as important great event, which is the birth of a child. Familiarize yourself with Bebissimo services – everyone has individual needs, each pregnancy and baby are different, so you can create your own package perfect for you.



My name is Magda Marchlewska. I have been working in HR for 10 years and I spent the vast majority of this time supporting expats. For as long as I can remember, I am a person who likes having everything planned and organized – a person with a calendar, to-do list and “life in a spreadsheet”. But even for myself when I was about to become a mother, the number of things to do and the number of decisions to make came as a surprise. I spent tedious hours choosing the right stroller or a cot and even longer hours when I was doing research to choose a babywearing instructor for instance. I thought about all the foreigners I used to work with – how difficult it is for them to handle all of it! I thought about my friends who work quite long hours and would totally delegate some responsibilities in preparing to welcome their baby. I thought about all the mothers who, just like me, try to find something out in the Internet, but are so lost in the buzz of (often contradictory) information and recommendations. This is how it started.

I spent several months talking with pregnant Moms and the Moms who already gave birth – I wanted to know what support they lacked from the time perspective. I was meeting more and more experts in various fields who specialize in helping preggos and the Moms in the postpartum period. I talked to the baby planners from other countries to understand how baby planning has developed abroad. Then more and more Parents started to approach me. Those who had such a busy schedule that they were looking for individual antenatal classes. Others who had such an emergency that they needed a specialist for the home visit (and it was Sunday) asap. Others who wanted to save themselves the stress that they may not think about something or they may not arrange something on time. Others who did not want to spend money on unnecessary layette elements, so they were looking for an advice on what to buy (and where!). Every single opportunity to use my experience and network of contacts to help my Parents in various situations inspires me and allows me to believe that it’s worth to ask for support to make this special time even more special for us!


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One of the best decisions that I’ve made after getting pregnant was to start working with a Baby Planner. My Baby Planner is not only a reliable and caring person but more importantly she is a true professional, delivering well planned, customized schedules, lists, referrals and guidance for all my pregnancy needs. Knowing and working with her brings a tremendous sense of comfort to me and my husband.

If you are looking for antenatal classes, layette consultation, or any other baby related info and service I would really recommend to reach out to Magda from Bebissimo Baby Planning. I have asked Magda if she can arrange for me antenatal classes in a very short notice period (less than 1 month before birth) and she was able to set me and my husband up for a one on one private session by almost next day. The scheduling was very flexible and the midwife who came was very knowledgeable and professional. She prepared us for our fist child in ways that our books did not prepare us. 

Magda was fantastic support to me! She has built a great network and can hook you up with whatever support or help you may need. She has helped us with midwives, baby-wearing training, doctor's advice, breastfeeding. We also discussed hospitals during my two trimesters.

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