Consultation with a Urogynecological Physiotherapist

I am extremely happy that there is a growing awareness of the importance of consulting a urogynecological physiotherapist in the society. 40 weeks of carrying your baby is a huge effort for your body. Your body weight changes, your posture changes, your pelvis and spine are strained. The abdominal muscles stretch so that your baby can continue to grow. It’s worth to see the physiotherapist even during pregnancy so she can check your pelvic floor and tell you how to best prepare for the delivery. What’s more, physiotherapy is a very safe way at this stage to help you get rid of your backpain or other painful symptoms typical for pregnancy.

After giving birth, Moms are often so focused on taking care of a newborn that they forget that they also need to be taken care of. The consultation after delivery is of paramount importance. It’s important to check your pelvic floor and the condition of your rectus abdominis muscles. The physiotherapist selects proper exercises for you, shows you how to take care of your baby in an ergonomic way, teaches you how to mobilize your scar after cesarean section or episiotomy, if applicable.

Price: PLN 250

* the consultation takes place in Warsaw – in the massage center in Wilanów (45 min) or Wola (1h)