Consultation with a Psychologist

I happened to meet some Moms who wanted to deal with everything on their own. “I have to do it myself,” they said. Dear Mom, it’s just not worth it to prove anything to yourself. The pregnancy and the postpartum period is time of great changes in your life. In many cases, this is a stressful period, especially if some problems arise during pregnancy or if the delivery looked completed different than you expected. We do visit the doctors to take care of our body’s health, and what about the health of our mind and our emotions? The consultation with a psychologist takes place at your home and takes 50 minutes, its scope depends on your situation – starting with an anxiety around pregnancy and giving birth, through baby blues or anxiety related to changes in your life and welcoming your baby.

Price: PLN 300/50min

* price is applicable for Warsaw area (if you live outside of Warsaw, please get in touch with me – the price may increase to cover the costs of the transport)