Consultation with a Personal Trainer

Many future Moms do want to be active during pregnancy and they do want to quickly return to physical activity after delivery. And that’s a very good thing because physical activity not only impacts they way we look but above all it affects our health. Actually, in case of a pregnant Mom, it even affects the baby’s health! However, it’s hard to find reliable information on how to exercise safely. Probably because every woman and pregnancy are different – one mom will be able to quickly get back to abdominal exercises, while another will have to hold on for months after giving birth. One mom will be able to do the strength work out during pregnancy, the other will only be able to afford stretching and mobility. The consultation with a personal trainer who specializes in taking care of pregnant women and the women in the postpartum period takes an hour – during which the trainer interviews and discusses with you how you can take care of your physical activity. It is important to confirm with your doctor which physical activity you can afford before such consultation. For the moms in the postpartum period, it is worth first meeting with a urogynecological physiotherapist (available also as part of the Bebissimo services).

Price: PLN 200/1h

Additional variant of the service:

  • Creating and discussing in details an individual training plan: PLN 300

*the consultations with a personal trainer are available online until May 2020, then they will take place in Warsaw