Consultation with a Nutritionist

The way we eat is very important, but even more important during pregnancy or when we are breastfeeding. The consultation with a nutritionist who specializes in taking care of pregnant women and the women in the postpartum period takes place at your home and takes an hour – you have the opportunity to confirm what nutrients you should provide yourself and your baby with, how much to eat (by no means for two!) and what to eat to take care of your and your baby’s health. There are plenty of myths about nutrition and the breastfeeding – do not listen to the superstitions that were shared about 20 years ago but do look for the knowledge from a reliable source. After an interview with a nutritionist, you will receive a nutrition plan for 7 days, for the next 4 weeks you will be able to keep in touch with her and she’ll monitor what you eat. This is not a diet, dear Mom, it is a change in your eating habits.

Price: PLN 400

*price is applicable for Warsaw area (if you live outside of Warsaw, please get in touch with me – the price may increase to cover the costs of the transport)