Advisory on Choosing the Hospital and Arranging a Midwife

One of the most important and frequently asked questions that appears among expecting Parents is – where to give birth and with whom to give birth? The meeting with the baby planner takes place at your home or in a cafe – you have the opportunity to discuss what your options are. The baby planner evaluates what is important to you and what are your expectations towards the hospital and midwife, and on this basis prepares a proposal for you and gets you in contact with the recommended midwife who will then be able to go through you with a detailed description of the hospital procedures and signs you up for the individual delivery.

For Moms who are scheduled for caesarean section, the baby planner can also arrange the support of a  midwife after the surgery. Usually during the day Moms get some help from a family member, but at night they often stay alone with the baby in the room, in some cases in a single room. Under such circumstances, it is worth having someone for individual help.

Price: PLN 100/1h meeting (the price does not include the fee that the hospital charges for a midwife or a single room)